Goodbye To London // This Dancefloor Isn’t Here Anymore

Have you ever fallen in love on the dancefloor?

Do you remember that sweatdrip at the Ghetto?

Do you remember that long night in the Candybar basement? 

Can you still taste the freedom and fear the first time you kissed another queer person (/in public)?

Do you remember the first time you danced naked in public at Stunners?

Do you remember taking your taking your first pill?

Have you ever fallen in love with a room full of strangers all at once?

Do you want to share it with us, this coming Valentines Day?

Can you imagine, beyond surviving in London, what would it look like for us to thrive, to flourish?


This is a call for performers, artists, activists, poets, diarists, documenters, dancers. We invite you to submit performance proposals for a night at Limewharf on Valentines Day 2018 that celebrates queer space in London and the love it emboldens, fosters, and helps bloom; the queer space in London we know is more and more under threat, and therefore the love that happens in those spaces.

We’ve been talking about club-nights and bars, but we also want to remember other spaces, wilder spaces: gig venues, squats, dance classes, cruising areas, cafes, sex parties, outdoor hang-out spots, living rooms, sober spaces, house parties, activist groups, support groups,¬†bookshops/bookclubs, call centres, youth groups, festivals, newspapers, etc.

We want to create a one-night living archive of transient queer spaces and moments.







Of 3-10 minutes in length.



  • Queer ways of being and being together
  • Gentrification: upon queer life, by queer life
  • Alternative family spaces
  • Queer venues loved, hated and lost
  • Psychic spaces like drugs
  • Experiences you had in places that no longer exist
  • How memories constellate, shift, develop, change over time, particularly when their locations are gone
  • How internet meetings led to IRL meetings, and vice versa
  • The Future of Queer London

This list is not exhaustive, but in your proposal please say how what you want to do relates to the themes of the night.

Everyone is welcome to submit, but as we know some spaces are more precarious than others, we are particularly keen to hear from: older people, trans people, people of colour, lesbians, bi people, disabled people.

Payment will be an equal split of the takings on the door.

Limewharf is a fully wheelchair accessible venue, with accessible entrance and toilets.

Deadline for submissions is midnight 12th January.